The SunPedal Ride France 2017

Special thanks to Florian Bailly, the organiser of The Sun Trip for the invitation

“Tour-de-France on a solar powered electric bike”

After my solar powered electric bike in India in the summer of 2016, Rajendra and myself embarked on a self supported journey in France. I was invited to be a part of the Sun Trip Tour 2017 to ride a solar electric bicycle with a group of 30 people in France in July 2017 with the help of The Sun Trip organisation and the French Embassy in India. Prior to this, myself and Rajendra decided to do a 2000 kilometre journey in France in June 2017. Rajendra brought his own bicycle from India for this journey. Here are a few glimpses of the journey –

This ebook is an account of how the ride in France was planned and executed. It is a technical adventure with an underlying message to promote the use of solar energy and electric mobility. The countryside in France has beautiful landscapes with friendly people and has to be experienced on a bicycle!

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