The SunPedal Ride Iceland 2018

The capital of Iceland, Reykjavik, hosts the CHARGE Energy Branding Conference annually. Thanks to Dr. Fridrik Larsen, who is the founder of this conference, I got an opportunity to ride a solar powered electric bicycle along the circumference of the country in September 2018 and share my journey experiences at the conference. The solar powered electric bicycle was designed and developed by IKEA. The harsh and unpredictable weather conditions of Iceland made it a challenging ride, but the amazing landscape made up for it. Luis Forzan was a team member who drove the electric car, a Volkswagen E-Golf, which was a support/safety car for this journey. After 12 days of 1200+ kilometres of riding in one of the most interesting geographies, this journey was completed in Reykjavik. We carried extra batteries which came into use on the non-solar days and cold weather conditions. For those of you planning to bike in Iceland, I suggest you to keep updating yourself frequently with the weather conditions.

Fór hringinn um Ísland á rafhjóli (

Hrein orka nauðsynleg fyrir alla (

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